Obamacare: Let’s Spend More on Healthcare!

Comment: Hey Bros and Bro-esses, Obamacare makes it easy for everyone to pay outrageous hospital fees! What better way to save money on healthcare? How better to say “chop yer gnarly prices, dude!” than to stuff those hospitals’ mouths with gold from…you guessed it–you. Forget honest competition, that’s Obamacare’s “gold” plan–taking your gold is the plan!

Alex Stevens, a dishwasher at an Austin pizzeria, got covered this year and said he’s planning to re-enroll. A skateboarding enthusiast in his late 20s, Stevens broke a leg skating with friends this summer. It was a bad break and he had major surgery the next day. But his insurance paid most of the $55,000 bill, and he only owed $750.

“My mom said she was glad that I have insurance,” said Stevens.

Hey Skateboarder Dude, tell yer mom we’re glad too. It’s so awesome we’re enablin’ 20-something skateboarders to overspend buckets and buckets of everyone else’s premiums on over-priced care.  NOT!

Seriously, Dude, next time you wipe out doing something amazing, try the Surgery Center of Oklahoma–they’re better, faster and their price for a complex fracture is $6,375 (and you wouldn’t have to soak everyone else for the rest).  Even better, at the SC of OK they work for you, and not for some government flunkies who call the shots but don’t give a hoot about your broken limb. Cowabunga!



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Study: Medicaid Expansion Has Increased ER Use

Comment: A major selling point of Obamacare was that it would save money by reducing ER use. You’ll be shocked to learn that fairy-tale wasn’t true. People with coverage use the emergency room MORE, not less.  The premise was always a falsity; now it’s proven.

“Looking at the broad sample of 25 states, the study found that the average number of ER visits in states that expanded Medicaid increased by 5.6 percent, when the second three months of this year were compared with the same period in 2013. That increase was more than three times bigger than experienced by hospitals in states that did not expand.

Here’s a revealing quote from Obamacare’s Department of Lying, er, Health and Human Services:

” “Unnecessary use of the ER increases costs and leads to lower quality care,” Aaron Albright, a spokesman for the federal Department of Health and Human Services, said in a statement. ”

The inescapable conclusion: Obamacare has increased costs and led to lower quality care.

Study: Rise in ER visits after Medicaid expansion
AP News | Sep 08, 2014

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Obamacare’s IRS: Did You Get a Raise? Gimme Some.

Comment: They’re called ‘clawbacks’ for a reason. Commentators disagree as to whether they will really occur. If clawbacks do occur, you will see the iron teeth of Obamacare in all their glory. If not, then the cost estimates will be out the window and Obamacare will break the bank.  As supporters chanted at the Supreme Court, WE – LOVE – OBAMACARE !

Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., said in an interview that he disagrees with making people pay back part of their premium subsidy. That would happen if someone made more money during the year and failed to report it to HealthCare.gov.”

“Why should individuals be punished if they got a bump in salary?” said Pascrell. “To me, this was not the ACA I voted on.” ”


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Top Tweets – Tax Forms: “Say hello to my litt’l friend”

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New tax forms: Our most vulnerable, least-sophisticated citizens are supposed to fill out THIS?

New tax forms – What kind of government deliberately creates a program its citizens CAN’T possibly comply with?

New tax forms: outrageous, perilous to a free society, ugly, coercive, and mean.

New Tax Forms – Faustian bargain: You want a subsidy? Then Obamacare wants to know all about you.

Get a subsidy? Say goodbye to 1040EZ form.

#TBT: “But you reject that it’s a tax increase? OBAMA:  I absolutely reject that notion.” Form 1040 shows otherwise. LIAR!

New tax forms complicated & intrusive. Al Pacino to taxpayer: “Say hello to my litt’l friend”.






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Serfs, Meet Your New Obamacare Tax Forms

New tax forms: Obamacare in real life, in your face, and in your business.
Courtesy of Chief Justice ‘It’s Not a Tax, It IS a tax’ Roberts

(OCTS original reporting)

Below, newly published, is just one of the draft forms Obamacare expects our most vulnerable, least sophisticated people to complete in exchange for the free money (“premium tax credits”) they’ve already received from Obamacare’s “exchanges.”

We’ve highlighted some of the data items you’re forced to provide–very personal information about your family, your employment and, of course, your medical coverage.  We’ve also highlighted the calculations Obamacare demands of you, and, in different color, some of the other forms you’ll also have to fill out and refer to.

This form 8962 is for individuals who buy their own insurance.  Employers who provide insurance will be required to provide the same information on every employee covered (and on every one of the employee’s dependents too).  They’ll be filing forms 1095-B or 1095-C.

Is this not outrageous?  That we’re forced to provide such information to our government? That companies have to collect data on their employees’ families? All to buy crappy mandatory health insurance?

Tweets we’ll be tweeting here at OCTS this week:

  • Al Pacino to taxpayer: “Say hello to my litt’l friend”
  • Our most vulnerable, least-sophisticated citizens are supposed to fill out THIS?
  • Faustian bargain: You want a subsidy? Then Obamacare wants to know all about you.
  • What kind of government deliberately creates a program its citizens CAN’T possibly comply with?
IRS premium tax credit form, form 8962

One of several new forms you’ll be filing in 2014

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Remember This? Obama: Individual Mandate Not a Tax Increase

Comment: Does anyone recall being told Obamacare’s mandate was absolutely not a tax increase?

“STEPHANOPOULOS:  But you reject that it’s a tax increase?
OBAMA:  I absolutely reject that notion.”[1]

The truth?  Here’s a screen capture of the IRS’ new draft 1040 tax form for 2014:

Snapshot of the IRS’ new, 1040 tax form for 2014

[1] http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2009/09/obama-mandate-is-not-a-tax/

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Top Tweets – Hiding the Ball

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Premium hikes tend to be 8-9% b/c 10% draws HHS scrutiny (politicized rates artificially low, something’s gotta give)

#ACA comparative effectiveness studies threaten to dispense w/informed consent from 100M people

GOP senators ask for enrollment data, no updates since April

New pro-#ACA study can’t rule out significant push to part-time work when employer mandate hits.

#ACA-fueled hospital consolidation driving up surgery and other healthcare costs

$8 billion #ACA tax on insurers due Sept. 30.  Policyholders and taxpayers ultimately pay.

#Medicaid spending to surge 15% due to expansion. “major budget driver”

Hi-deductible is the junk insurance Obama claimed he wanted to get rid of

Upscale restaurants in L.A. add 3% #Obamacare surcharge

#ACA wasn’t supposed to hurt too bad, but there’s a new level of understanding AFTER you’ve had your tooth pulled.

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Trouble in Paradise, Maryland edition

“Maryland spent millions on the [Obamacare] exchange — much of it federal money — but the site crashed on its first day of operation last fall and suffered technical problems for months. State officials, who have since cut ties with Noridian, are retooling the site this year.”

[...] “Although Maryland’s site was among the worst-performing in the nation, state officials say more than 400,000 people eventually signed up for coverage.”

“A significant amount of public funding has been used to develop and repair Maryland’s health exchange. Maryland expects to spend $261 million on the exchange by the end of 2015 — more than 80 percent of it federal money. The state is likely to spend additional federal money as part of its effort to re-work the site with software developed by the state of Connecticut.”

Comment: $261 million for 400,000 people is $653 per enrollee. Question for the Obamacare supporting-math geniuses out there: how much did that expense reduce the cost of an average Obamacare policy? If you answered “it increased the average policy’s cost by $653″ congratulations, you’re smarter than Maryland. This $653 per policy is on top of Obamacare’s new taxes, fees, mandates, and other requirements that raise Obamacare’s cost even higher.

Obamacare costs more, not less, wastes more, not less.   It doesn’t work.

Subpoenas issued in Maryland health exchange probe
By John Fritze and Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun, August 26, 2014

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Top Tweets – Serfin’ USA!

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Everybody’s gone serfin’. Serfin’ USA!

Medi-Cal clawbacks will cost some their homes; poor most at risk. (Safety net or loan shark?)

Covered California plans being canceled without notice or consent; some slammed into Medi-Cal

CA slams disabled 68-yr old into new program against the law, assigns him a pediatrician

Nevada exchange stiffing insurance brokers; class action suit filed

Employer mandate to hit tourism and other seasonal employers with fluctuating headcount

Latest proposed “accommodation” for religious nonprofits still has insurer providing objectionable materials

Got what they voted for: “Universities limiting student employment to comply with #Obamacare”

Young doc blasts #Obamacare, joins stream of those leaving the profession

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Surgery Center of Oklahoma Runs Circles Around the Competition

Comment: While masterminds dream up more ways to control your healthcare, the free market offers real solutions.

Surgery Center of Oklahoma

“If you are considering a trip to a foreign country to have your surgery, you should look here first.”

The physician-owned and managed Surgery Center of Oklahoma demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of putting control of medical care in the hands of consumers.

What sets the Surgery Center apart?

  • Sensible, transparent pricing
    • A fraction of what hospitals charge
    • No outrageous padded bills that shift the cost of caring for others onto you
    • Price transparency – prices are posted online.
    • Simple, easy-to-read bills
    • No dead-weight administrators
    • “Some businesses are even paying the entirety of their employees’ hospitals bills when their employees go to SCO, because the facility saves them so much money.”  Source: National Center for Policy Analysis
    • An Oklahoma County saved $570,000 in five months by using Surgery Center of Oklahoma.  Source:CapitolBeatOK
    • “SCO boasts a near-zero infection rate — a rate which ranges between 4 percent and 10 percent at other hospitals across the United States.” Source: National Center for Policy Analysis

From the Center’s website:   “We can offer these prices because we are completely physician-owned and managed. We control every aspect of the facility from real estate costs, to the most efficient use of staff, to the elimination of wasteful operating room practices that non-profit hospitals have no incentive to curb. We are truly committed to providing the best quality care at the lowest possible price.”

(405) 475-0678


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