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Florida to sue feds for putting gun to its head (‘pass Medicaid expansion or no hospital funding’)

Average individual mandate penalty: $1,130

Restaurateur testifies premiums up 60% after #Obamacare, only 4% of hourly staff has enrolled.

States questioned legality of fed exchange subsidies in 2012 (#ACAers claim issue never came up; #LIARS)

IRS providing subsidies to certain low-income aliens and people below clear statutory income cutoff (100% FPL)

 Reader Favorites:

Arkansas has not re-verified eligibility of Medicaid expansion enrollees, in violation of federal law

Signs point to possibility #Obamacare enrollment may already have peaked.

U.S. Olympic Committee health plan fail to meet #Obamacare standards; penalties waived for athletes. #KeepYourPlan

#ACA’s Medicare Advantage cuts catastrophic for Puerto Ricans (all to fund, who, again?)

OCTS Commentary:

True catastrophic insurance gets rid of the officious intermeddling priestly class of the Church of the Holy Tax Credit.

May your subsidies be generous, your calorie count pleasing to Washington, and your EHRs not be sold to marketers.

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Patients Abandoning Meds Due to Obamacare Cost

Comment: Good news, fellow serfizens!  Obamacare has both increased total number of people with subsidized-or-free Obamacarp insurance, increased  drug spending, and at the same time decreased the number of people who can afford their medicines (even with insurance)!  Most cost, less access, YES WE CAN!

“The 2014 spending growth was somewhat restrained by insurers’ efforts to hold down their costs. Insurance companies increasingly have been shifting patients into plans that include high copayments for medicines, as well as large deductibles that must be met before insurance coverage kicks in.”

“IMS said that led to more prescriptions being abandoned at the pharmacy counter by patients who couldn’t afford their portion of the cost. That ultimately resulted in 8.4 million fewer prescriptions being filled at retail pharmacies in 2014, compared to 2013, by patients who were commercially insured, either through their employer or a new health exchange plan.”

IMS: US prescription drug spending jumped 13 pct. in 2014

By LINDA A. JOHNSON, Apr 14, 11:09 AM EDT
AP Business Writer

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Single-Payer Worship Causes 9,000 Needless Deaths a Year in U.K.

Comment: With 64 million people, the United Kingdom has 1/5th the population of the United States (318 million). 9,000 deaths in their population corresponds to five times as many–45,000 excess annual deaths–in a population as large as the U.S.A.’s. Question: Would 45,000 annual deaths from single-payer be acceptable in the U.S.?

“He found that cancer survival rates were lower in the UK than elsewhere, with British patients suffering from breast, cervical and colorectal cancer less likely to survive than their counterparts in Germany and the Netherlands.”

“British sufferers of a stroke were also less likely to survive than German, Dutch or Swiss stroke patients, and clinical quality and safety is lower on the NHS than in Germany or Switzerland, with the result that there were more post-operative complications in Britain than in those countries.”

“But perhaps most damning were the numbers of needless deaths: as many as 9,000 people are thought to have died each year who wouldn’t have done had they been treated in Germany.”

Revealed: the 9,000 Deaths A Year Caused by Our Politicians Worshipping at the Altar of the NHS

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 6 Apr 2015

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Obamacare Exchanges’ Brutal Collapse

Comment: The ordinary, healthy people Obamacare exchanges need to work aren’t buying.  “Exchanges” that were sold as spurring competition, lowering costs, and helping Americans in general connect with better, more affordable insurance, are instead already collapsing into a giant new welfare / subsidy program. Ordinary, intelligent, non-desperate Americans aren’t signing up. Only 2% of the exchanges’ clientele aren’t receiving Obamacare’s welfare subsidies–that’s brutal. Insurance ‘death spiral’ talk is swirling again.

“While health benefit exchanges have succeeded in signing up very low-income individuals, they struggle to attract middle and higher income members, a new study shows.”

“At the close of open enrollment in 2015, the 37 states that use the federal marketplace had enrolled 76 percent of eligible individuals with incomes from $11,700 to $17,655, but participation rates declined dramatically as incomes grow, according to a study by Avalere Health. Only 2 percent of individual enrollees make more than $46,680, or 400 percent of the federal poverty line. That’s when subsidies shut off, although amounts go higher if individuals have dependents.”

Health exchanges struggle to sign up middle-income folks
Kathy Robertson, Senior Staff Writer- Sacramento Business Journal
Mar 25, 2015, 2:43pm PDT

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Top Tweets – Death Spiral Talk Swirling Again


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Governors took center stage this past week, and talk of an Obamacare death spiral is swirling again:

FL Guv reverses course, OPPOSES Medicaid expansion. Afraid feds will renege after static about hospital grants.

Nebraska Governor: Washington reneged on CoOportunity Health coo-op, will renege on Medicaid expansion, too.

Nebraska Governor: redistribution did not produce good-paying jobs in the Soviet Union. No to Medicaid expansion.

ICYMI: Gov. Kitzhaber’s office tried to delete emails showing campaign consultant in charge of Cover Oregon

#ExposeTheirMethods – Alabama governor stacks task force with Medicaid expansion advocates

#Obamacare insurance death spiral underway as premiums set to spike again and young bail out

Enrollment: more old, sick, subsidy-needy. Not enough young does in the forest to make it all work.

More on people opting for the fine instead of #ACA policies

Easy pickin’s over for #ACA enrollment; number signed up actually dropped in 2 states in year 2.

CBO: deficit up this year because of #Obamacare. Big spike in Medicaid spending (duh!)

“The political team was still gun-shy of touting how much of a welfare program Obamacare actually was.” (Brill book p309) #Welfare #ObamacareIsWelfare

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FLASHBACK: Obamacare Scrooges Cancer Care

Comment: New HHS jingle? “Don’t worry, there are no death panels.  If you get cancer we’ll just withhold your care.  (Euthanasia, however, is fully-covered, hint hint.)”

But there’s a catch with Keller’s new Humana Gold gold plan: His surgical oncologist at University of Cincinnati’s Barrett Cancer Center isn’t considered an in-network provider. That means he could be on the hook for costly out-of-network charges. And unlike in-network benefits, bans on lifetime benefit caps and annual limitations on cost-sharing established through Obamacare, don’t apply to out-of-network costs.

“It was very deceiving going to the marketplace,” said Keller. “I absolutely thought UC would be included. It’s unfathomable to me they aren’t in-network.”

Health plans may omit top cancer hospitals

By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn, 5:29 a.m. EDT March 28, 2014
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Top Tweets – Government as Corrupt Enabler

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Bad people are doing bad things – on your dime! It’s your money, America – Demand better!

Detroit Medicaid mom tortures kids to death, sticks them in a freezer (government dough rots the soul)

 Criminal Medicare/Medicaid overbilling probe widens.

Deceptive networks list phone numbers for gas stations, restaurants, pill-mills, shady providers. (Utopia is so hard)

9 NY doctors accused of Medicaid fraud using homeless as fake clients

CBO adopts new conflict-of-interest rules to avoid repeat of Jonathan #Gruber

Va school district seeking Medicaid for non-health purposes caught in construction boondoggle

Washington State loses 3-10% annually in Medicaid money to fraud

 VA official tells Congress wait time at L.A. facility is 4 days when in fact it is 44 days still vulnerable to hack attacks, massive identity theft

#ACA-favored hospitals scuttle reversal of restrictions on competitors owned by doctors

The cronyism and naked pursuit of self-interest are betrayals of the ideals underlying #Obamacare.

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Venezuelan Hospitals Short on Supplies, People Dying as a Result

Another in our series of horror stories from government-run medicine:

“It’s the government who is responsible for my wife’s death….”

Read here

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Consumers’ 2014 Health Care Spending Up 11.3%

Comment: Consumer income fell, yet health care spending rose 11.3 percent. So, people who are hurting, earning less, were forced to spend more on health care. Thanks Obamacare!

“While the majority of incomes fell, consumer spending, which accounts for about two-thirds of US economic activity, rose 1.0 percent on average.”

“The largest increase was an 11.3 percent rise in healthcare spending, which has climbed every year since 1996, to an average of $3,919.”

Except for rich, Americans’ incomes fell last year

AFP  April 2, 2015

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Legalize Catastrophic Insurance!

The Truth Squad has a new initiative and we hope you will join in.

Our idea is to legalize low-cost catastrophic insurance at the state-level regardless of what Obamacare says at the federal level.  Obamacare made true catastrophic insurance  illegal.  Let’s make it legal again by going through the states.

We draw a direct parallel to marijuana. Marijuana was legalized in some states even though it’s still a Schedule V controlled substance under federal law.

If nullification works for marijuana, it can work for catastrophic insurance.

Nullification has been a favorite Tea Party issue since the beginning and there have been some state bills to nullify all of Obamacare.  One bill in North Carolina would prevent the federal government from commandeering state officials to enforce Obamacare.

We’re taking a more targeted approach.  We’re just focusing on one thing:  legalize catastrophic insurance .

We have a catastrophic insurance proposal here.  There’s something called catastrophic insurance in Obamacare, but it’s really true catastrophic insurance.  It’s got coverage mandates in it, for one thing.

Bringing back catastrophic insurance at the state level would strike a real blow against Obamacare.  We bet lots of people would switch.  What’s better – insurance that’s ‘affordable’ only after subsidies or low-cost insurance that meets a lot of people’s needs?  We think a lot of people would choose to pay the Obamacare penalty and buy a catastrophic policy, instead of buying an Obamacare exchange plan.

After the legalization of marijuana at the state level, nullification has become a much more interesting question.   Jefferson and Madison wrote in favor of nullification, saying states have a duty to protect their citizens from federal usurpations.  Even Eric Holder thinks nullification is a live option after the marijuana legalization.

The genie is out of the bottle.  The door is open for small government advocates to use nullification against a whole host of federal usurpations.  Alabama blocked UN Agenda 21 using nullification-type arguments.  The vote was unanimous in the Alabama state legislature – Democrats included. Even some liberals want states to nullify indefinite military detention under NDAA.

Keep making the nullification argument, and nullification space will grow.  We hope you will join us to spread the word and make catastrophic insurance legal again.

Contact us at if you’re interested in joining this effort.


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