Top Tweets – Obamacare’s Tentacles Are Everywhere

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Whether it’s problems with tax preparation, your personal health data, the economy, or insurance, Obamacare’s tentacles are everywhere:

White House econ advisers admit service-sector shift to part-time jobs; #ACA to blame

Easing the pain they inflicted: “IRS Won’t Collect Additional Taxes From Filers Who Used Incorrect Forms”

How much do O-admin’s tax forgiveness moves cost?

EHRs: Medical identity theft up 22%; cases cost ave $13,500 and 200 hrs to resolve

#ObamacareFAIL: Not allowing insurers to price by risk incentivizes them to attract the healthy and avoid the sick.

Get ready for $6,850 #Obamacare deductibles

Washington state exchange withdraws triple correct amount from enrollee bank accounts. #BeatUsUpSomeMorePlease back-end won’t be completed for 2 more yrs (#ACAers thought it was done 2 years ago –har har!)

#Obamacare subsidy to average $7,740 per enrollee in 2021 (this is crazy and unsustainable) [FAVORITED]

Permanent healthcare subsidies for millions makes as much sense as a Saint-Simonian jacket (only buttons from behind with help)

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Americans Still Unaware of Obamacare’s Poison Pill

Comment: if you’re wondering why Americans aren’t even more upset about Obamacare, maybe it’s because millions and millions of them still don’t know it exists, it’s mandatory, and it’s intended to take their money by hook and by crook.
Why don’t Americans know? Maybe it’s because the least honest administration in American history has been very careful not to tell them.

“There’s been such a reluctance to talk about the mandate, and so, shockingly, people don’t realize that they have to buy coverage,” said Caroline Pearson, who leads the health reform practice at Avalere Health, a consulting firm.

Obamacare Enrollment Ended Sunday. Except It Didn’t.
By Jeffrey Young, 02/19/2015

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Washington State Extends OMandateCare Deadline

Comment: In this absurd brave new Obamacare world, where inferior, over-priced  insurance is mandatory and enforced with threats–taxes, stern warnings and a deadline–legions of eligible free-thinking Americans literally aren’t buying it.

This brings about a comical circumstance–our would-be health masters  really really need your money. They want to give it to other people.

So now, the stunned, stung, and confused masterminds, wondering why the public isn’t buying their new brand of dog food[1], begin to beg. Befuddled and desperate, they’re opening their ‘closed’ door again, erasing their deadlines and begging you to come in. (It reminds us of the witch, luring Hansel and Gretel into her house.)

[1] Robert Laszewski’s Health Policy blog “Obamacare: The Uninsured Are Not Signing Up Because the Dogs Don’t Like It

“Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law…except for those without insurance.”

“That seems to be the case as officials with Washington state’s health benefit exchange extended by two months the deadline to enroll in a qualified plan under the Affordable Care Act.”

“The original deadline expired this past Sunday and the two-month extension was enacted in part for those unaware of the tax penalty for not having health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.”

“The extension also provides additional time for those who were unable to complete their applications by the Feb. 15 deadline.”

“The special enrollment period runs through April 17. ”

Insurance enrollment deadline extended another two months
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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Top Tweets – Real People, Real Pain

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$82M hole in NH budget from Medicaid expansion & woodwork effect made up w/ cuts to srs, children

“Affordable” healthcare means unaffordable day care as Tx center closes due to #ACA

Obama budget cuts Medicare $399B, hikes fees. (this is what it means to chop Medicare to fund #Obamacare)

#ObamacareFAIL: Out-of-network charges continue to bedevil the so-called insured

#ACA: “It’s like Communism!” Mr. Fuentes of Miami said. “They shouldn’t force you to take it. Where’s our freedom?”

Nebraska woman loses health insurance 3 times under #Obamacare (no, you can’t keep your plan) #LIARS

Patient did everything – asked the doc, looked online – but still got hit with out-of-network charges.

Doc: EHRs a mess. Patients complain, costs go up, independents pushed to sell out to hospitals.

Poll: far more have been hurt by #Obamacare than have been helped

The fox’s teeth are in the bunny and we will remove them, honey.


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Predatory Hospitals Forcing Other Hospitals Out of Business

Comment: We received the following account from a reader. It should give pause to those predisposed to giving hospitals whatever they want, including more bucket loads of taxpayer money. Hospitals are not entirely benign – nor are they above human avarice and greed – as this report and the following account show:

“I talked with D., a nurse anesthetist recently whose husband owns a Diagnostic Radiology office [somewhere in the U.S.]. She was telling me how the big hospitals who go with O’care get ‘tons of grants’ and are buying up small doctor’s offices all over town. Once they are bought, those offices refer patients to the parent (owner) hospital when they need hospital treatment, and are starving out other hospitals.”

“That same thing is happening here! [One hospital] has bought up many family practice offices, physical therapies, and other private practices. My son that works [there] was telling me they ran out of beds for four nights in a row last week. His friend who works at [the hospital across the street] says they are furloughing staff, sending folks home, cutting the 12-hour shifts to 8, all because they don’t have the patients coming in. When my son’s hospital ran out of telemetry monitors for patients during that booked up time (I think they have over 100 monitors), my son’s former coworker now [across the street] said they only had 7 patients on [their] monitors!”

“What is worse, the physicians are too afraid to voice their concerns. If a doc sells his practice to be a part of the Big Hospital Group, he becomes aware of the fact that he could lose his job if he complains about what is happening. They are being intimidated to make sure patients go only to the hospital that owns his business, even if he knows another hospital has a better staff for heart patients, etc.”

“Doctors are seeing the implications of these huge buy-outs of doctors’ offices. Hospitals and private competitive healthcare businesses like her husband’s will be forced out of the market. Hospitals will be shut down, due to lack of business. My friend says doctors they know feel that it may be all too close to the point of NO turning back, ANY TIME NOW, if not already too late, once these other ‘choices’ are taken away from the consumer, we will have no choices left.”

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Top Tweets – Amaze Your Friends!

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Did you know that Ohio’s Medicaid budget is about to go bust and Governor Kasich won’t say how he intends to fix it?  That Medicaid dollars are spent on hiring truancy officers in public schools?  Or that the federal government has spent $6.2 BILLION on exchange websites so far?  There was a lot of news this week about how Obamacare and other government health initiatives are driving up costs.  Amaze your friends!

Ohio Medicaid expansion enrollment 33% higher than expected; money running out; no answer from Governor on how to pay

Executive amnesty could put a million undocumenteds on Medi-Cal

Most docs oppose UN ICD-10 coding system; to drive up costs, cut productivity, hurt doctor-patient relationship

 #Obamacare subsidies averaging $268 a month (the entitlement bomb clock is ticking)

Another #ACA #FAIL: Prices soar when hospitals buy doctor practices; hospitals admit they’re more expensive

Unfair competition: #ACA co-ops subsidized $17,000 per enrollee

Only one of 22 co-ops profitable despite government subsidies

#ACA enrollees pay more than those with employer coverage to see doctor

“CMS: Exchanges Cost Federal Government $6.2B Since Implementation” (bending the credibility curve down)

Schools use Medicaid reimbursements to pay for truancy officers and mileage (huh?)


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Top Tweets – The Insanity of Medicaid

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If you want more people on Medicaid, you’re insane:

Tennessee hospitals misrepresented finances in Medicaid expansion fight; salaries above average

Self-interested hospitals behind secretive website pushing Idaho Medicaid expansion

Ohio Medicaid expansion hurts truly needy, developmentally disabled, pediatric hospitals, cancer services, access

Ohio Medicaid expansion blows past enrollment estimates, funding to run out next month

Same as Ohio: far more sign up for Illinois Medicaid expansion than expected, per-person costs up, state costs triple

Rhode Island Medicaid costs balloon $1 billion, Island, putting budget in ‘structural deficit’

Massachusetts Medicaid costs soar, stressing budget. ‘Double-covered’ recipients also have private plans.

Cover this! “Only 34% of Texas physicians accept new Medicaid patients today, down from 67% in 2000.” (Force’em!)

Medicaid access problems multiply in New Jersey; rolls swell 30% after #Obamacare

Community Health to pay $75M for alleged New Mexico Medicaid scheme; gave to county gov’ts to reap more fed dollars

Medicaid/CHIP rolls swell by 10M (nat’l debt is $18T. How much more social spending do you think there is to get?)

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Tennessee Rejects ObamaCaid Expansion

Comment: Tennessee’s legislature rejected Medicaid expansion, a plan that might otherwise have plagued states from sea to shining sea, given the Governor’s leadership of the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

Tennessee has always been a well-run, fiscally-responsible state. We could not in good conscience put our stamp of approval on a mere verbal agreement with the Obama administration,” said [Lt. Gov.] Ramsey.

Senate panel votes down Insure TN (7 no, 4 yes); Special session terminated
Feb. 4, 2015 by Tom Humphrey

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Savings, Obamacare Style

Comment: Innovation?  Hahahahaha ho ho ho hee hee hee! (Sorry, did we write that out loud?) Is this clown show a health program, or a comedy act?

“The CPC initiative cut costs by $168 per participating Medicare beneficiary, thanks largely to declines in hospital admissions and emergency visits, compared with results of practices not part of the initiative. Results were “more favorable than might be expected” in the test’s first year, said a report by Mathematica Policy Research.”

“But that wasn’t enough to cover the extra $240 per patient that HHS paid practices to hire extra nurses, improve electronic records, set up 24-hour call lines and make other adjustments.”

Mixed Results For Obamacare Tests In Primary-Care Innovation
By Jay Hancock January 30, 2015

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Top Tweets – Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest: Just Get’em Covered

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Jonathan Gruber said, essentially, ‘just get’em covered and worry about everything else later.’  Well, now we can see how mindless and problematic that approach really is:

#Obamacare produces ‘coverage’ gains, but ~90% (7.49 million) is growth in unsustainable Medicaid dependency program

CBO: employer coverage to shrink by 10 million, costly Medicaid/CHIP entitlements to swell by 16 million

More evidence ER use still rising despite #ACA mindlessly getting more people ‘covered’

Study: Medicaid co-pays do not significantly reduce ER usage

A decade and $13B later, no proof California mental health program has improved outcomes

Study: some insurers short-change AIDS patients (#ACA did NOT solve preexisting conditions problem)

CBO: #ACA in deficit $50K per enrollee next 10 years, will still leave 29-31 million uninsured, Brit paper reports

Forget ‘coverage’.  Where’s the proof #Obamacare has improved health outcomes?

#Obamacare’s ‘abracadabra’ healthcare – no more docs, but everybody’s ‘covered’, right?

One cannot help but be struck by the monstrous incongruity between the hopes the #ACA engendered and the reality.

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