TOP TWEETS – If You Like Your Administrator ….

Woman finds price of keeping her doctors went from $188 to $773/mo under Obamacare.

Obamacare subsidies to more than double to $97 billion by 2027

Molina threatens to pull out of Obamacare after huge losses; “simply too many unknowns”

Obamacare architects had 6 years to develop a viable stable risk pool and they FAILED miserably. #FullRepeal

Unless Obamacare is repealed, 2 MILLION JOBS will be lost by 2025.

49% of New York manufacturers raising workers’ deductibles because of Obamacare

Obamacare advisor: over half of health workers are administrators, up from just over one third before ACA.

UnAffordable Care Act driving people into short-term insurance, health-sharing ministries

Because of Medicaid expansion, Medicaid spending to reach $650 billion by 2027. #Unsustainable

Comptroller General: Medicaid waste much worse than 10% official estimate. Managed care waste not examined.

Basing healthcare policy for the entire nation on the needs of a few special cases is the tail wagging the dog.

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TOP TWEETS – Poll-tested Messages

You don’t have to wait for poll-testing to start using these messages. Guaranteed to make people mad right away!

Trump should end OPM’s ‘small business’ sham and make Congress suffer under Obamacare like the rest of us.

Humana to exit Obamacare completely in 2018; sees further signs of deteriorating risk pool

“Aetna CEO says Obamacare individual plans are in ‘death spiral’”. #StupidityOfTheAmericanMastermind–finance.html

“The latest enrollment period was the first to see fewer new signups than the year before. It won’t be the last.”

Higher premiums to drive taxpayer bill for increased ACA subsidies up $10 billion in 2017

‘I speak to CEOs and managers every day and they tell me the reason they don’t hire is the cost of healthcare.’

Medicaid expansion blows way past cost estimates in Oregon – $217M estimated state cost balloons to $353M

Louisiana Medicaid expansion blows past projections, presaging fiscal disaster for state.

84% of new beneficiaries under Obamacare attributable to increases in Medicaid enrollment, i.e., WELFARE

10% of all Medicaid money improperly spent – $29 billion last year

Medicaid expansion – getting more people on welfare is great only if you’re a politician trying to buy votes. Then it’s a great triumph.

Funny how ACA cheerleaders neglect to say Increase in individual enrollment offset by decline in employer coverage

They can try to dazzle us with their rhetoric all they want, but Obamacare did NOT ‘bend the cost curve down’.

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The Obamacare Perfect Storm

Comment: The personal story below shows quite clearly that the genius masterminds who gave us Obamacare screwed up – BIG TIME!  This woman lost her plan AND her doctor after the Patient PROTECTION and Affordable Care Act made it impossible for her employer to help her.  If you don’t care about her story, there’s something wrong with you.

My name is Ericka Nicholson and I am the City Manager and EMS director in Quinter Kansas.  You asked on facebook about problems with insurance due to changes with the ACA – I would like to share the below with you and if you feel any is relevant you have my permission to share.

The City of Quinter hired me to come back to my hometown to be the City Manager and EMS director.   The City cannot afford a group insurance plan, so prior to 2015 the City of Quinter paid their employees single premium directly.   This was a cost saving to me of $381  (It was a blue cross blue shield select plan).   The following year (first year of ACA) BC/BS notified me that this plan was no longer available in my area and I had to choose another plan.    When 2015 rolled around, I then was notified by the auditors of the City of Quinter that due to changes in the ACA, this could no longer happen – the City could no longer pay my policy directly.    There was NO WAY my employer (City of Quinter) could afford a group plan so I LOST my insurance altogether.   I was able to get on my husband’s insurance through the school where he teaches, but the payroll deduction for this hit us hard, and it is a very high deductible and the premiums have doubled.   I did check into getting insurance through the exchange but the only plan I qualified for had worse coverage than my husband’s and we did not qualify for any kind of tax credit or subsidy.   We basically had no control whatsoever and were held hostage by huge cost hikes.

My child is independently insured by his father who pays a monthly premium.   AGAIN during open enrollment with BC/BS in October of 2016, we were notified that the plan we’d been on NO LONGER existed – so we picked a premium BC/BS plan called “Blue Select” which is the best policy they have.    I was notified by Children’s Mercy (where my child’s pediatric endocrinologist is) that THEY NO LONGER PARTICIPATE WITH BLUE SELECT!   The Children’s Mercy website updated their insurances for 2017 and the list is quite long.   This was where my child’s specialist was – so we had to rush to find a Coventry policy that has lower premiums, but also much lower coverage for pharmacy and specialist visits.   How does the state’s largest provider of Insurance cut out the Region’s largest Pediatric specialist resource????     When I called BC/BS they stated it was due to mandated changes in the ACA.

Promises of ACA vs My experience:
‘Your plan won’t change’ – mine not only changed but went away
‘You won’t lose your doctor’ – LOST my doctor

Ericka Gillespie – Nicholson
City of Quinter

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UPDATE – Going on Offense

The repeal of Obamacare appears to be on track, but it’s not a done deal yet.  The Democrats are fighting very hard to keep it.  Our main job at the Truth Squad is to continue giving you fresh ammunition to keep fighting for repeal.  There have been lots of news stories in the last two weeks that will enable you to get out of a defensive crouch and go on offense against Obamacare.  All the links to what I’m about to say will be in the wrap-up.

  • A month ago, they were crowing about ‘record enrollment’, but enrollment is actually DOWN 400,000 from last year and is still only about half of what they originally told us it would be, when they were saying Obamacare was gonna be so great.
  • Despite all the subsidies, Obamacare only added 2.3 million people to the private insurance rolls, at a cost of almost $30,000 apiece.
  • One reason Obamacare costs so much is that administrative costs have more than doubled under the ACA.  Insurer administrative costs are down, but the government bureaucracy needed to handle all this has exploded.
  • The number of insurers on the exchanges went down 30 percent in just the last year.   Seventy percent of all U.S. counties are down to just one or two insurers.  The mean old Republicans didn’t have anything to do with that; Obamacare just doesn’t work.
  • The insurance picture isn’t going to get any better, either.  Humana just reported a 69 percent drop in the number of its Obamacare customers, and almost a $500 million quarterly loss. Aetna expects a loss this year and is refusing to expand its Obamacare business next year.
  • Obamacare didn’t give anybody peace of mind.  More Americans than ever report that healthcare costs are their biggest financial worry.  A Nebraska woman lost her plan for the fourth time under Obamacare.  A woman in Colorado is wondering how she’s going to manage a $20,000 out-of-network deductible on her Obamacare plan.
  • Meanwhile, the Obamacare medical device tax has destroyed 28,000 jobs, and one in four small businesses say they will not expand, because of Obamacare.
  • Here’s another line of attack: the Trump administration should release all the Obama-era documents discussing the roll-out of Obamacare.  Let’s just see how much they were hiding about the slush funds, the train wreck, and all the games they were playing to go beyond what Congress wrote in the statute.
  • The truth is, the main thing that Obamacare did was put millions of more people on Medicaid.  Millions of more people on welfare is a great triumph ONLY if you’re a politician trying to buy votes.
  • And, finally, my personal favorite:  Thirty to forty percent of the people calling in to the Obamacare exchanges are not calling up to ask a question.  They’re calling to say they can’t wait for this thing to go away.

And that’s just the news from the last two weeks, folks.  All this news should make us VERY happy warriors.  Go get’em.


ACA signups are down 400,000, a 4% drop in one year. #ItsNotWorking

There they go again: ‘record number of sign-ups this yr.’ Fact: enrollment of 10M less than half of 23M expected

ACA only added 2.3 million people to private insurance rolls at a cost of $29,130 each.

Admin costs more than doubled under ACA. Insurer costs down, but bureaucracy mushroomed.

Number of insurers in the federal exchange dropped from 237 in 2016 to just 167 now, a 30% decline in 1yr.

Exchanges 45% less competitive than before ACA; 70% counties down to 1-2 insurers

News Flash! Obamacare did not bend the cost curve down. More say healthcare costs biggest financial problem.

“Nebraska Woman Loses Health Insurance for Fourth Time Under Obamacare”

“$20,000 for a deductible? Are you kidding me? How is that affordable?”

Humana reports 69 PERCENT DROP in Obamacare customers, $486 MILLION quarterly loss. #ItsNotWorking

Obamacare train wreck to continue in 2018, insurers warn

“Aetna CEO: We will not expand Obamacare in 2018”. Expects to lose money again this year. #ItsNotWorking

Census data: Obamacare medical device tax has DESTROYED 28,000 JOBS

1 in 4 small businesses are choosing not to expand as a result of Obamacare

All Obamacare implementation documents should be released now so we can see what games went on.

Insurance without underwriting is not insurance. It’s welfare. Obamacare is welfare.

Obamacare Gold: 30-40% of the people phoning ACA exchanges are saying ‘can’t wait for this thing to go away’


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Getting Ahead of the Single-Payer Crowd (top tweets)

You know at some point the fight will be joined over single-payer. It’s been the dream of the Left for a century and the Left never quits. The Truth Squad is collecting stories from all over the world demonstrating why single-payer is a VERY BAD IDEA.  So, when the fight comes, we will have thousands of stories at the ready, thousands of very tall mountains the single-payer crowd will have to jump over.  We tweet these stories most Mondays at 10 a.m.  Here is the latest batch:

Welcome to #SinglePayer Monday! Most M ondays 10 a.m. ET. Moo!

Phoenix VA made $12.4 million in improper payments, pressured employee to award no-bid contract

VA so incompetent it can’t even use money appropriated to refer vets to outside care

Admin costs more than doubled under ACA, undercutting key #SinglePayer argument (‘save admin costs’)

#SinglePayer = price controls, rationing, stagnation. Why sign up for substandard government healthcare?

French and British #SinglePayer systems in decline, not ready for the future.

Most of the profit in healthcare is in pharma & device makers, not insurers. #SinglePayer won’t change that.

Bernie Sanders will not re-introduce his #SinglePayer bill for political reasons.  #Hypocrite

UK #SinglePayer NHS being scammed by sick foreigners who land, lap up services, and leave

Junior docs leaving UK #SinglePayer training program en masse.

UK #SinglePayer hospital out of money, postpones routine surgery until April

UK cancer patients increasingly turning to crowdfunding to make up for deficiencies in NHS #SinglePayer treatment

Endpoint of #SinglePayer – crowdfunding.

UK NHS #SinglePayer hospital docs send coded emails (‘going for a cappuccino’) to arrange romps with staff

Peruvian #SinglePayer doc caught on film ‘rubbing his genitals on sleeping patient’s face’

Nearly 100 mental patients die after South African government moves them to unlicensed ‘concentration camps’

Pakistan #SinglePayer drug regulator loses power after multiple scandals; functions shifted to provinces.

Australia #SinglePayer hospital gives faulty hepatitis B vaccine to at least 282 babies

Utopian Socialists believed socialism would turn oceans into lemonade. Now supporters think #SinglePayer will be lemonade & cookies for all.





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Our Most Popular Tweets

Here are our most popular tweets from the last month (in ascending order):

‘Obamacare was a Republican idea.’ No, the GOP was shut out of the process and Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote.

ACA’s 106 regulations to cost private sector more than $51B & require 173M hrs of paperwork to comply.

You made insurance more expensive & gov’t pay for more people’s healthcare, but thought this would bend the cost curve down. You’re insane.

Republican replacement plans preserve tax credits and guaranteed issue; rely on HSAs and hi risk pools

#SinglePayer in one picture (Venezuela)

Hearings spotlight people hurt by Obamacare – useless Medicaid card, businesses wiped out, “middle-class nightmare”

Legalize Catastrophic Insurance! (spread the word and help us make this happen!)

And the winner is ….

VA officials dump $40M/yr in bonuses on each other, & u thought #SinglePayer was about healthcare, ha!



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UPDATE – The Dems’ Obamacare Replacement Plan

The title of tonight’s update is “The Democrats’ Obamacare Replacement Plan”.  … Well, that didn’t take long, because they don’t have one.  What do you call people who make a big mess and – not only do they NOT clean it up – they don’t even OFFER to clean it up.  I don’t know about you, but I call that IRRESPONSIBLE.  After all the misery they caused, and not even an apology for taking American healthcare off the rails.

Meanwhile, the train wreck continues.  I sifted through last week’s news and pulled out the stories showing that Obamacare’s ‘Misery Index’ hasn’t gone down in the slightest.

Our friend Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute wrote up some recent Congressional hearings on how people are being hurt by Obamacare.  Businesses are being wiped out, young adults can’t get jobs, people have very little choice on the exchanges, and premiums have gone nutso.  It’s a “middle-class nightmare” as one witness put it.  Not only are middle-income people being squeezed, low-income Medicaid recipients are having trouble finding doctors.  In all, Obamacare has killed 300,000 jobs, 10,200 companies, and $19 billion in wages.  Then they have the nerve to complain about Donald Trump pulling the plug on Obamacare ads for the year.  If Obamacare was so good, they wouldn’t need advertising in the first place.

Links in the wrap-up, as usual.


Yo, Dems! Obamacare has failed. One train wreck after another. Where is your replacement plan? #Irresponsible

Careless Obamacare exchange employee tumbles family w/hi needs into nerve-wracking logistical nightmare

Hearings spotlight people hurt by Obamacare – useless Medicaid card, businesses wiped out, “middle-class nightmare”

Hearings spotlight people hurt by Obamacare – young not hired, nutso premiums, exchange monopolies

“Obamacare killed 300,000 jobs, 10,200 companies, $19B in wages”

“under Obamacare, women are covered for chlamydia and gonorrhea screening and men aren’t,” How fair is that?

Obamacare tax credits can’t be estimated or tracked accurately, and yield little money to finance healthcare

3.3 million taxpayers had to refund some Obamacare tax credits in 2015. #RubeGoldbergsRevenge

Native American tribes fighting to get out from under Obamacare’s O-nerous employer mandate

 Obamacare-era crime: fraud ring frequented out-of-network ERs, ACA insurer sent checks to them personally

What kind of stupid law depends on advertising for its success? #StupidityOfTheAmericanMastermind


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TOP TWEETS – Dems’ Replacement Plan

Uh, there isn’t one. After all the havoc they caused? They should be sued for malpractice. Meanwhile, the train wreck continues:

Careless Obamacare exchange employee tumbles family w/hi needs into nerve-wracking logistical nightmare

Hearings spotlight people hurt by Obamacare – useless Medicaid card, businesses wiped out, “middle-class nightmare”

Hearings spotlight people hurt by Obamacare – young not hired, nutso premiums, exchange monopolies

“Obamacare killed 300,000 jobs, 10,200 companies, $19B in wages”

“under Obamacare, women are covered for chlamydia and gonorrhea screening and men aren’t,” How fair is that?

Obamacare tax credits can’t be estimated or tracked accurately, and yield little money to finance healthcare

3.3 million taxpayers had to refund some Obamacare tax credits in 2015. #RubeGoldbergsRevenge

Native American tribes fighting to get out from under Obamacare’s O-nerous employer mandate

Obamacare-era crime: fraud ring frequented out-of-network ERs, ACA insurer sent checks to them personally

What kind of stupid law depends on advertising for its success? #StupidityOfTheAmericanMastermind

Tell me lies, sweet little lies – You can keep your plan. You can keep your doctor. You’ll save $2,500. So sweet. Then I woke up.


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UPDATE – Trump’s Executive Order Signals He Doesn’t Want Single-Payer

President Trump didn’t waste any time getting started on structuring the post-Obamacare world.  He signed an executive order Friday night instructing federal agencies to minimize the economic and regulatory burden of the Affordable Care Act on states, individuals, insurance companies, and healthcare providers.

Perceptions of the order vary wildly, and it’s hard to know exactly what to make of it.  The order is viewed by observers on our side of the ledger as largely symbolic, but important in reinforcing the message to Trump’s supporters and dazed Democrats that he is serious about repealing Obamacare.  The order sets the tone, but is short on specifics.

It starts out by declaring it is the policy of the administration to seek prompt repeal of Obamacare in Congress. Then it instructs agencies to exercise all available authority and discretion to waive, defer, delay, or grant exemptions to any requirement of the Act.

Some on the Left claim this language guts Obamacare completely, especially with respect to the individual and employer mandates, and all the new taxes.  But that’s a stretch. It clearly does not repeal Obamacare all by itself.  Moreover, the order explicitly tells agencies they should act only “to the maximum extent permitted by law” and they must follow the regular rulemaking process where new regulations are needed.  With notice and comment periods, new regulations could take months or years.  It has been suggested that these restrictions don’t mean much and agencies could just go wild under the order, delaying the employer mandate, for example.  After all, Obama opened the door by doing so much through executive fiat with a pen and a phone.  Anything is possible, and I don’t have any inside information to confirm or contradict the theory that the order is really meant to be carte blanche.  We’ll have to wait and see.

But there are three areas where the order could make a real difference.  It could result in the administration no longer defending the House lawsuit against Obama’s illegal cost sharing subsidies, currently being paid with unappropriated money.  Second, it might become easier for people to claim a hardship exemption to the individual mandate when they fill out their tax forms.  Kellyanne Conway suggested on a Sunday show that Trump might get rid of, or stop enforcing the individual mandate, MIGHT, so nothing’s definite yet.  Third, the order probably means states will find it easier to get waivers to charge small premiums and impose work requirements on their Medicaid recipients.  The Obama administration had routinely denied state requests for such work requirement waivers.

To me, the most important part of the order is the provision encouraging the development of a free and open market for health insurance with the goal of achieving the maximum number of options for consumers.  Some say this guts Obamacare’s coverage mandates, like preexisting conditions.  I doubt that, and find the provision significant for another reason.  I’m reading the tea leaves a bit, but this is the first concrete assurance I have seen that Trump’s ambiguous  comments on ’60 Minutes’ about ‘taking care of everybody’ and again just last week about providing ‘insurance for all’ do NOT mean he wants a government-run single-payer healthcare system. And that’s a good thing.


Fox News (full text of the order)

Daily Signal

The Blaze

New York Times



Huffington Post

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TOP TWEETS – After Obamacare

Top Tweets – After Obamacare
Join us on Twitter most weekdays at 8 and 10 a.m. ET.
Don’t miss:
– #SinglePayer Monday most Mondays 10 a.m. ET
– #FreeMarketFriday most Fridays 10 a.m. ET

Allowing flexibility in plan design would bring premiums down 30-40%, ameliorate preexisting conditions problem

Alaska’s new hi risk pool for preexisting conditions cut 40% premium increases to single digits

Bernie Sanders’ ’36,000 people a year will die if ACA repealed’ claim gets 4 Pinocchios from liberal WaPo

’36K deaths under repeal’ based on phony numbers from left-wing advocacy group. Bernard Goldberg, call your office.

UnitedHealth continues to thrive since leaving Obamacare exchanges

Hospital execs tell investors repeal not the end of the world; damaging ACA Medicare cuts would be reversed

Virginia hospitals thriving w/o Medicaid expansion: profits, net worth up & number running deficit down since 2012

Negotiator-in-Chief to inject more market forces in healthcare– haggle on drug prices, sell ins across state lines

Repealing Obamacare will get rid of the idiotic and overreaching calorie counting rules at restaurants.

Legalize Catastrophic Insurance! (spread the word and help us make this happen!)

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