Top Tweets – Trainwrecks

“22 of 23 Taxpayer-Backed Obamacare Co-Ops Lost Money In 2014, Audit Finds”

New rule hurts companies for reimbursing employee healthcare costs (what sense does that make?)

Wrong Again: $57M coordinated care experiment failed; did not reduce costs and hospital visits went UP. #Unicorns&Rainbows

#ACA a key driver of higher healthcare spending rise – 5.5 percent in 2014 5.8 percent annually over the next decade

BC/BS Alabama files to raise premiums ave 28% for individuals, small biz 13.8% in 2016; pool riskier than expected

Feds spending $1B to train workers for medical device jobs #ACA is erasing. #StupidGovernment

State exchange disaster round-up: look for punting to feds, regional collaboration. #StupidGovernment

Medicaid Expansion States Blow Past Enrollment Projections

#ItsGettingCrazier – early Medicaid expansion states handling cost overruns by cutting cancer treatment, etc.

#ToldYouSo – Medicaid expansion displacing private insurance in Colorado.

Critics warn $11B DoD EHRs project will be a fiasco, obsolete and not interoperable with VA

What #Obamacare gives comes at the cost of our freedom and independence.

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Actually Making Health Care Affordable, in Real Life

Doing what Obamacare can never do

Comment: At OCTS we spend a lot of time showing how awful and silly Obamacare is, how misconceived, and perfectly backwards Obamacare is compared to what America really needs: less government, less interference, more choice, and fewer middlemen. That’s how you make something more compassionate, and it costs less too. Here’s a shining example of yet another medical practice that’s doing it right–doctors working directly with patients, who pay them for their services.

(We fully concede this does not solve every problem, but it goes a long way toward solving the worst problem–cost–which then makes every other problem smaller, and easier to solve.)

“There’s a simple solution to this problem and it is one available to all physicians: Stop accepting insurance and instead work directly and exclusively for your patients.”

“My partner and I did this back in 1998 and since then have enjoyed a most wonderful practice. We charge fairly and rationally for our work—our fees don’t have to be artificially inflated to account for the big discount the insurance companies apply—and about 10% of our care is provided gratis to deserving patients.”

“I am increasingly convinced that the solution to much of what ails our health-care system lies not in commercial or government insurance, but in physicians reclaiming what we lost when we ceded control to insurance companies.”

Jonathan Sheldon, M.D.
Doctors Serve Patients Without Insurance
The Wall Street Journal,  July 27, 2015

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Top Tweets – Medicaid Expansion Costs Exploding in 14 States

The big story this week was a report by the Associated Press showing that enrollments and costs blew past projections in half the states that expanded Medicaid. There was a flurry of follow-on local media reports showing how this would adversely affect the budgets in those 14 states, including Michigan, Illinois, California, and Maryland.

Alarm bells sound b/c Medicaid expansion blew past projections in >12 states (monstrous holes when 100% match ends)

Alarm bells – KY lawmakers concerned ‘we don’t know how to plug Medicaid expansion budget hole.’ #Malpractice

Alarm bells – Michigan share of Medicaid expansion cost balloons from $718M to $840M through 2019-2020 budget

Alarm bells – Medicaid expansion blew past projections in Illinois (pensions or Medicaid, Illinois, hmm?)

Ohio seeks waiver to require Medicaid recipients to pay into HSAs (need more money, John?)

Medicaid expansion is intergenerational theft and child abuse; it’s all borrowed money; future generations to pay

Medicaid expansion is all borrowed money. How stupid is that?

Other Top News:

150 small business owners descend on Capitol Hill to protest #Obamcare fines for helping employees with healthcare

Latest Vitter effort to end Congressional exemption to #Obamacare targets lawmakers, exempts staff

Anthem to buy Cigna for $48.4 billion (observers fear consolidation will lead to higher premiums and less choice)

710,000 #ACA customers claimed tax credits but didn’t file returns, potentially costing gov’t $2B in bogus payments

 Q: How is #Obamacare like a kidney stone?
A: You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.

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Oklahoma City Now a Medical Tourism Destination

Comment: Score one for free market medicine!

“Oklahoma City has become a medical tourist destination, according to an industry expert, leading the charge for a different method of healthcare delivery, specifically one that embraces the principles and fundamentals of the free market.”

“The reason for this, claims Smith, is the ability for healthcare consumers to research costs at several Oklahoma facilities.”

“In 1997, Dr. Smith began sharing pricing over the phone and now publishes his prices online. It was upon his online publishing that he started seeing patients traveling long distances.”

“When asked how many healthcare providers or facilities publish their pricing, Dr. Smith answered, “The number of us are small but growing.””

“Oklahoma City is also home to the Free Market Medical Association….”

“Ultimately, Dr. Smith believes that transparent pricing is the best hope for reducing costs in healthcare.”

““In our experience, we have seen prices plummet and quality soar,” said Dr. Smith. “The patients are extremely happy.””

Why has Oklahoma City become a ‘medical tourism’ destination?
by Matthew Moore
July 20, 2015

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Another Way Obamacare Discourages Work

A woman in Tennessee reports to us she won’t work over 29 hours because then her employer would have to offer her its health plan which she does not like. If she refuses her employer’s plan, she would lose her Obamacare exchange subsidy. This is another way Obamacare discourages economic growth.

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Top Tweets – Makes You Laugh, Makes You Cry

“Weeks after leaving office, Obama discovers a leak under his sink so he calls a plumber to fix it…” Story at
*  A modern-day fable about calling a plumber that shows the absurdity of letting the government take over  the insurance business, even for a supposedly ‘good reason’. Things go from bad to worse in this story as the plumber and the former president work through who has to pay their ‘fair share’ and the problems that causes.

Room erupts in laughter when Paul Krugman claims #Obamacare has lowered healthcare costs

GAO’s fake enrollees get exchange plans, government subsidies for second year

#Obamacare has narrowed networks by a third on average

Unaffordable: look for continued premium spikes for years; price hikes will outstrip subsidies

CMS did not implement auditor recommendations to protect personal information on

Anthem data breach now generating identity theft cases (sure, I’ll send my health info to Washington)

Lots of reasons not to submit to Medicaid expansion – ballooning costs, hospitals not helped, etc.

“Revised Obamacare contraception rule still violates religious beliefs, says group”

#Crony Alert: former CMS head Tavenner cashes in; to head AHIP insurer lobbying group; will make millions

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“Weeks after leaving office, Obama discovers a leak under his sink so he calls a plumber to fix it…”

This modern-day fable has appeared in multiple places in more than one version. From Conservative Tribune:

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a socialist scheme that does nothing more than funnel money away from the successful and into the hands of the not-so-successful.

While it might sound charitable at first glance, be very wary, for socialism in any form always produces the most horrific of results, as this example demonstrates:

Only weeks after leaving office on Jan. 20, 2017, former President Barack Obama discovers a leak under his sink, so he calls Troy the Plumber to come out and fix it.

Troy drives to Obama’s new house, which is located in a very exclusive, gated community near Chicago where all the residents have a net income of way more than $250,000 per year.

Troy arrives and takes his tools into the house. He is led to the guest bathroom that contains the leaky pipe under the sink. Troy assesses the problem and tells Obama that it’s an easy repair that will take less than 10 minutes. Obama asks Troy how much it will cost. Troy checks his rate chart and says, “$9,500.”

“What?! $9,500?!” Obama asks, stunned, “But you said it’s an easy repair. Michelle will whip me if I pay a plumber that much!”

Troy says, “Yes, but what I do is charge those who make more than $250,000 per year a much higher amount so I can fix the plumbing of poorer people for free. This has always been my philosophy. As a matter of fact, I lobbied the Democrat Congress, who passed this philosophy into law. Now all plumbers must do business this way. It’s known as the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act of 2014′. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it.”

In spite of that, Obama tells Troy there’s no way he’s paying that much for a small plumbing repair, so Troy leaves. Obama spends the next hour flipping through the phone book calling for another plumber, but he finds that all other plumbing businesses in the area have gone out of business. Not wanting to pay Troy’s price, Obama does nothing and the leak goes un-repaired for several more days. A week later the leak is so bad Obama has had to put a bucket under the sink.

Michelle is not happy as she has Oprah and guests arriving the next morning. The bucket fills up quickly and has to be emptied every hour, and there’s a risk the room will flood, so Obama calls Troy and pleads with him to return.

Troy goes back to Obama’s house, looks at the leaky pipe, checks his new rate chart and says, “Let’s see, this will now cost you $21,000.”

Obama quickly fires back, “What? A few days ago you told me it would cost $9,500!”

Troy explains, “Well, because of the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act,’ a lot of wealthier people are learning how to maintain and take care of their own plumbing, so there are fewer payers in the plumbing exchanges. As a result, the price I have to charge wealthy people like you keeps rising. Not only that, but for some reason the demand for plumbing work by those who get it for free has skyrocketed! There’s a long waiting list of those who need repairs, but the amount we get doesn’t cover our costs, especially paperwork and record-keeping. This unfortunately has put a lot of my fellow plumbers out of business, they’re not being replaced, and nobody is going into the plumbing business because they know they can’t make any money at it. I’m hurting too, all thanks to greedy rich people like you who won’t pay their ‘fair share’. On the other hand, why didn’t you buy plumbing insurance last December? If you had bought plumbing insurance available under the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act,’ all this would have been covered by your policy.”

“You mean I wouldn’t have to pay anything to have you fix my plumbing problem?” asks Obama.

“Well, not exactly,” replies Troy. “You would have had to buy the insurance before the deadline, which has passed now. And, because you’re rich, you would have had to pay $34,000 in premiums, which would have given you a ‘silver’ plan, and then, since this would have been your first repair, you would have to pay up to the $21,000 deductible, and anything over that would have a $7,500 co-pay, and then there’s the mandatory maintenance program, which is covered up to 17.5%, so there are some costs involved. Nothing is for free.”

“WHAT?!” exclaims Obama. “Why so much for a puny sink leak?!”

With a bland look, Troy replies, “Well, paperwork, mostly, like I said. And the internal cost of the program itself. You don’t think a program of this complexity and scope can run itself, do you? Besides, there are millions of folks with lower incomes than you, even many in the ‘middle class’, who qualify for subsidies that people like you must support. That’s why they call it the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act’! Only people who don’t make much money can afford it. If you want affordable plumbing, you’ll have to give away most of what you have accumulated and cut your and Michelle’s income by about 90%. Then you can qualify to get your ‘Fair Share’ instead of giving it.”

“But who would pass a crazy act like the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act’?!” exclaims the exasperated Obama.

After a sigh, Troy replies, “Congress… because they didn’t read it.”

This anecdote, while amusing, is also extraordinarily truthful, in that Obamacare functions just like the fictional “Affordable Plumbing Act.”

It inflates the costs of health care, drives providers out of business and reduces the incentive for hard work — because why should one work hard when he or she can get healthcare (or plumbing) for absolutely free?

Socialism basically does to the country the same thing it did to it in Ayn Rand’s classic novel, “Atlas Shrugged” — it turns it upside down.

It also does nothing to fix the real problem, much like the “Affordable Plumbing Act” did nothing whatsoever to help poor Barry with that awful leak in the bathroom!

Please share this on Facebook if you agree that socialism is never the answer to a nation’s problems!

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Top Tweets – Top Obamacare News

“#ObamaCare Can’t Account for Almost $3 Billion In Subsidy Payments”

CMS secretly paid out $1.3 billion in improper hospital claims

New reg fines small businesses $100/day for helping employees w/healthcare (hmm… if Congress is a small business….)

Oregon regulators ordering money-losing insurers to raise premiums

800-pound gorillas mate: “Aetna to buy Humana for $37 billion in largest insurance deal”

FDA punts #ACA calorie count rules until after 2016 election (No! The #ACA is great and I want it all NOW!)

Victory! Utah ends legislative session without Medicaid expansion

39 Indiana public school districts continue 10th Amendment suit against employer mandate

Supreme Court blocks contraceptive mandate against certain religious groups, church officials while mulling case

#Obamacare’s Victims: Real people, real pain – ”I’d like to work more than 30 hours, but Obamacare says I can’t. That’s absurd.”

Gov’t-run medical systems always run into 3 insurmountable problems: the cost goes up, the quality goes down, & the system becomes inhumane


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Minnesota Obamacare Bailouts

Comment: Obamacare calling, “Can you afford me now?  How about now?”

(Folks, we over at the Obamacare Truth Squad take no joy laughing our heads off at these fools’ failures, or chortling “We told you so,” rolling down the stairs as tears stream down our faces. The simple truth is that Obamacare costs a lot more, the quality is poorer, it’s not going to get better, and we told y’all this from the start.)

“Minnesota health insurers expect to receive about $194.2 million to help cover financial losses last year in the individual health insurance market, according to preliminary figures released last month by the federal government.”

“The money comes from financial safety net programs in the federal Affordable Care Act that will substantially reducebut won’t eliminate — losses in the individual market that nonprofit insurers in April estimated at $316 million.”

“In June, insurers cited the past losses as evidence that premiums in the individual market have been too low. For 2016, most insurers are seeking double-digit rate increases in Minnesota’s individual market, including hikes of more than 50 percent proposed by Eagan-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.”

Insurers would split $194 million in ACA payments to cover losses
By Christopher Snowbeck Star Tribune
July 6, 2015

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Massive Obamacare Bailouts! (CoveredCA)

Comment: A $1.172 billion bailout for 1.365 million enrollees amounts to $859 per insured person on California’s exchange!

CoveredCA policy premiums then are lies, at least $859 too low; understate the actual cost; and means that CoveredCA’s already-high average premium must rise at least $859 over the next two years as this Obamacare bailout program phases out.

Why is this happening?  Because Obamacare is such a bad deal for most Americans that a whopping 60 percent of Americans who are eligible for Obamacare’s Slave Markets(tm) have not signed up, leaving the Slave Markets with only the sickest and poorest, most expensive 40 percent. These latter people only pay, on average, about one-quarter of their actual premiums, and you pay the rest.  Obamacare is now officially a giant welfare program.

“Insurers writing coverage in California will receive more than $1.1 billion in federal payments under a reinsurance program created by the health care reform law, according to an analysis released Monday by Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange.”

“[...] The biggest payments to California-based insurers will go to Anthem Blue Cross of California, $401.1 million; Blue Shield of California, $363 million; and Kaiser Permanente, $240 million, according to Covered California, which drew its analysis from a report issued earlier by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.”

“The $1.172 billion that California insurers will collect under the reinsurance program compares with the nearly $8 billion health insurers will receive nationwide.”

“[...] Covered California is the largest state insurance exchange program, with 1.365 million enrollees who have paid premiums as of March 31, according to an earlier CMS report.”

California health insurers get $1.1 billion from reinsurance program
By Jerry Geisel, July 6, 2015

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