Obamacare FACT: Employers Are Cutting Employees’ Hours

Comment: Told ya.

A new survey by the Society of Human Resource Management released Tuesday found about 14 percent of businesses have reduced part-time hours and another 6 percent plan to do so. Employers are reducing hours to avoid Obamacare’s employer mandate, which requires companies to provide health insurance to all workers that work 30 or more hours a week.

Employees working fewer hours due to Obamacare: survey
By Robert King | March 25, 2015 | 10:31 am

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UK Hospital Covers Up Baby Deaths

 “More than 30 families have taken legal action against a hospital in north-west England for a catalogue of baby and maternal deaths and injuries.”

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Senators Fear Electoral Business Mandate Fallout

Want Small Business Catastrophe Pushed Past Next Election

Comment: Psst, HHS–the latest news suggests a new Obamacare slogan: “So good, we’ve delayed every part of it!”  Or, “There’s a waiver for that!”  (You’re welcome, Ms. Burwell.)

Starting in 2016, the Obamacare change will require businesses that employ between 51-100 people to purchase insurance in what the government defines as the “small group market,” rather than the market for large group plans. The senators warn that the change will inflate health care costs for those businesses.”

“”[T]hey could experience higher premiums, less flexibility, and new barriers to coverage. We therefore encourage you to delay the effective date in the definition change for two years so the market can more smoothly transition to the new rules,” the senators wrote in the March 12 letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell.”

Dem senators warn Obamacare rule ‘particularly harmful and disruptive’
By Sean Higgins | March 24, 2015 | 5:00 am

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Obamacare Poisoning Small Businesses’ Coverage

Comment: Small business owners report that the fallout from 2013′s Lie of the Year (‘you can keep your plan’) continues. Obamacare is still relentlessly violating its promises, trampling the plans small business owners liked which President Obama promised they could keep. Obamacare is raising the small business premiums Nancy Pelosi told them would go down.

In Norwegian, Swedish, and German, ‘gift‘ means ‘poison.’  In that sense, and that sense only, Obamacare is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ten percent of small business owners had their personal insurance plans cancelled last year, for example, something the President and others promised wouldn’t happen when they were pushing the law through Congress. Twelve percent of owners renewed their old plans early in order to avoid higher premiums and narrower choices, two results that were also not part of the deal.”

“Most disappointing, according to Wade, is that a large majority of small business owners report higher premiums despite the fact that the law was billed as a way for them to reduce their expenses.”

” “We found that 62 percent of small business owners are paying higher premiums while only eight percent say their costs have dropped,” she said.”

NFIB Updates Senate on Obamacare: Data Validates the Doubters
Jack Mozloom, March 19, 2015

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Top Tweets – Fraud and Taxes

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Back in the ‘90s, a member of the Truth Squad was giving a presentation to a group of journalists, telling them about a rooming house owner in California who killed six of her renters, buried them in the backyard, and continued to cash their SSI checks. The response from the journalists: ‘Oh, that’s not news.’ So you see, journalists were lapdogs for Big Government even back then. Fast forward to now, there is a daily stream of Medicaid fraud stories, but journalists, by and large, remain uninterested. Well, they should be. The numbers are astounding.  The variety of ways to defraud the program is breathtaking.  This is a newsworthy issue, as the Truth Squad sees it, and we will continue to pound it.  It’s your money, America – demand better!  And don’t expand government healthcare programs like Medicaid unless you’re willing to go beyond the unicorns and rainbows advocates always promise and build in tight fraud controls from the start.

U.S. recovered $3.3 billion in healthcare fraud in FY14. #MoreGovernmentPlease

Hospital execs convicted of defrauding Medicaid, bribing docs for referrals for unnecessary procedures

Colorado nurse sentenced for Medicaid fraud for submitting false time sheets (yes, journalists, this IS news)

A New Jersey-based pharma to pay $39 million for Medicaid fraud.

New York a pushover for Medicaid fraud; changes needed

Bad Medicaid payments increasing; a top 5 worst program (expansioners say they have a handle on fraud – baloney!)

Tax preparers scamming filers for #Obamacare individual mandate penalty – ‘pay it to us’ even when you don’t owe it.

Health Insurance (HIT) Tax to cause massive job losses, higher premiums

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most unfair #ACA tax of all?

#Obamacare is the reason you can’t get the IRS on the phone to answer your tax questions – happy now?

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Obamacare to Kill 190,000 Plans in Colorado

Comment: Next year 190,000 Coloradans can look forward to losing the plans President Obama promised they could keep, “period.”  State officials have zero concern, however, being more worried about taking these people’s money for revenue to support the shiny new Obamacare system, rather than whether people have or can keep the insurance they liked and could afford. #MoreGovernmentPlease! #BeatUsUpSomeMore!

“Health insurance policies that don’t meet Affordable Care Act requirements can’t continue into 2016, the Colorado Division of Insurance announced Friday.”

“Almost 190,000 people will have their individual or small-group plans terminated at the end of this year.”

” ‘It’s time for them to get on to a better plan,’ Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar said. ‘And this will help the exchange. I think with their grant money running out, it’s important to have more people in the exchange to give (it) more income.’”

Colorado says health plans covering 190k will be discontinued
By Electa Draper

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Obamacare Penalizes Mostly Poor People

Comment: Great job Obamacare! Way to sock-it-to the poor!

Those penalized are mainly the kind of people the law was intended to help: low- and middle-income workers who do not have coverage on the job or are self-employed. Roughly 4 million people are expected to pay fines, according to congressional estimates.”

Second-chance signup for health insurance starts today
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar ASSOCIATED PRESS • Saturday March 14, 2015 5:33 PM

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The Obamacare Follies 2.0, Tax Season Edition – It’s Not Working

Comment: Conservative columnist and self-employed Michelle Malkin describes her personal life experience with the President’s unAffordable Care Act.

From losing her plan, to being forced into ObamaCarp without her consent, to trying to file taxes, and receiving a bogus 1095-A Individual IRS ObamaCarp declaration stating she’d had ObamaCarp when she did not, the follies are barely getting started…

“In 2013, our private high-deductible PPO from Anthem Blue Cross got canceled because of “changes from health care reform (also called the Affordable Care Act or ACA).” Millions of others like us in the individual market for health insurance — including self-employed people, small-business owners, writers, artists and home-based entrepreneurs — suffered the same fate.”

“[...] Months later, we settled on purchasing a new non-Obamacare plan directly from a different private insurer, Rocky Mountain Health. The provider network is much narrower than the Anthem plan we had before the feds intervened. Our two kids’ dental care is no longer covered, and we’ve had our insurance turned down at an urgent care clinic — something that had never happened before.”

“Better off? Bullcrap. But wait, it gets worse.”

“Somewhere along the way, the worker bees at Connect for Health Colorado dragooned us into an Obamacare exchange plan offered by Rocky Mountain Health without our knowledge or consent.”

“[...] Last month, we received an IRS 1095-A form, which, much to our shock and chagrin, indicated that we had paid Obamacare premiums every month during 2014.”

“[...] We were finally able to un-enroll after being auto-enrolled in the Obamacare plan. Then, [...] we were told there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the 1095-A form — which shows payment of premiums we didn’t pay to an Obamacare plan we never enrolled in and didn’t want in the first place!”

Obamacare’s 1095-A Nightmare
Michelle Malkin | Mar 11, 2015

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Top Tweets – Bad Actors

Opportunities for corruption, malfeasance, and coercion abound in Obamacare and other government-run medical systems:

#Gruber contract billing questions referred to Vermont Attorney General

#Crony Alert – consulting firm hires former California Medicaid director (cash in! big bucks! woo-hoo!)

“Obama’s VA Spent $3.3 Billion on the Agency’s Buildings as Vets Died Awaiting Care” (behold the future)

Companies can slam workers into employer plans under #ACA (Coerce’em! Force’em! Make’em! Welcome to Amerika)

Mental health agency ripped off Medicaid for ~$300,000

Family slammed into #Obamacare plan now must deal with IRS form 1095-A nightmare.

Treasury IG: #Obamacare subsidies susceptible to fraud

No difference between King George suspending colonial legislatures and IRS suspending Congress to declare federal exchange subsidies

Systemic cover-up of >10 mother and baby deaths at U.K. NHS hospital sets stage for further deaths.

#Single-payer: the biggest monopoly ever.

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Top Tweets – The Obamacare-Industrial Complex

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Obamacare is not guaranteeing profitability the way insurers thought it would. But Obamacare cronies are benefitting handsomely and the revolving door is spinning. Meanwhile, the Obamacare-Industrial Complex is looking for even bigger ways to shake money out of us.

PreferredOne loses $139M after lowballing premiums on Minn exchange and mispricing preexisting condition risk

BCBS-NC posts 1st loss in 15 years due to #ACA older, sicker risk pool (investors, beware getting in bed with gov’t)

#Crony Alert – $100M payday coming for H&R Block which lobbied for #Obamacare

MD Sec’y Health Joshua Sharfstein leaving for plum job at Johns Hopkins #crony #corruption

#Crony officials in charge of botched roll-out got $33,000+ bonuses, some jumped to private sector

#Crony entrenched insurers vow to defend #ACA, government gravy-train (investors, beware subsidy risk)

Don’t expect the healthcare-industrial complex to support getting rid of the #Obamacare law from which it benefits

Plea to remove antitrust constraints on health firms; pay-for-value combinations will give us unicorns and rainbows

You deliberately destroyed my low-cost health insurance to make me dependent on you. This is war.

Do you support bringing back true low-cost catastrophic insurance? If not, why not?

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