Top Tweets – Up, Up, and Away!

Obamacare was supposed to lower premiums and costs. Instead, they’re going through the roof. #WheresMy2500

Ave rate increase for Minnesota #Obamacare enrollees to range from 14 to 49 percent in 2016. #ItsNotWorking

Hawaii hikes #ACA rates 27-34%. #WheresMy2500 #ItsNotWorking

Highmark raising premiums 40%, cutting plans, narrowing networks to stem #Obamacare losses. #SubsidyRisk

“Study: ObamaCare premiums rising 4.4 percent in 14 cities” (Faster than inflation. This is NOT what was promised)

OOP expenses for prescriptions twice as hi in #ACA silver plans as ave employer plan; fewer prescriptions filled.

#ACA enrollees w/chronic conditions get shafted on OOP Rx costs (Pls, feed us some more preexisting condition poop)

Out-Of-Network Charges As Much As 1,400% Higher. #ThankYouObamacare

Tab for failed co-ops so far: $543 million. Now we know the price of pie-in-the-sky.

Obama signs bill giving small business relief from draconian #Obamacare. #SoSorryIwasWrong

Whether you were previously insured or uninsured, you are worse off in #Obamacare plans

“No, Giving More People Health Insurance Doesn’t Save Money”




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Legally Avoiding Obamacare’s Penalty

October 7, 2015     OCTS original reporting


Comment: Obamacare is tyrannical. Red-blooded Americans are fighting back, and by fighting back they’re saving money, and helping make sure Obamacancer doesn’t spread.  You can too.  Here’s one set of possibilities.

About 60% of the people whose souls Obamacare wants to sell in its Health Slave-Markets, have opted out.  Many of them–such as internet news mogul Matt Drudge–have paid Obamacare’s puny tax, with Drudge proudly dubbing it his “Liberty Tax.”

The Liberty Tax is much cheaper for most people than low-grade Obamacare, but you may not have to pay even that.  Obamacare’s czar is offering “hardship exemptions” from the penalty, and you may be surprised at what qualifies.  Have you moved?  Had a baby? Had a change in income?  Guess what, those qualify.  Here’s the full list from our federal overlords’ website: list.

Feeling creative?  Here’s one American’s solution:

“Exemptions are what is primarily what is on my mind now. Really curious to know if you have run into anyone besides me who has successfully filed for exemption. At this point, since it worked in 2014, I am refusing to pay my water bill so I can get an exemption on my 2015 tax return.  They will probably shut it off tomorrow. I will have to pay a $60 reconnect which is far easier to take than the $795 penalty I would have to pay this year.”

Our hat’s off to this clever patriot, who saved $735.  And best of all, it’s tax-free!  (Note: you can save even more next time. You can avoid the re-connect fee next year, because all you need is the notice. You don’t have to wait for them to actually disconnect you.)

Another exemption applies for people with incomes below the tax-filing threshold.  The ever-helpful Health Grubers have a web calculator here:  link.

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ACA Apparatchik: Good News! Obamnocare’s Limited Choice and Higher Cost-Sharing Are Intentional

Comment: Another Obamacare bait-and-switch—your wallet-busting rate-shock premiums would be even higher except they buried some of the cost into higher deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays.  It’s a classic Obamacare bait-and-switch (which would be illegal if it were a defective used car, but it’s only your health, so it’s A-okay!). (/sarcasm)

Higher cost-sharing and narrow networks in Affordable Care Act health plans are here to stay. That was the assessment of a health-care consultant who was the first head of the federal Office of Health Insurance Exchanges.”

“From the outset, the two main strategies for keeping premiums down in ACA plans has [sic] been managing health-care provider networks and higher cost-sharing through deductibles, coinsurance and copayments, [...]”

There you have it folks, from the horse’s mouth: “from the outset” Obamacare’s “two main strategies for keeping premiums down” have been making you pay more out of pocket, and limiting your choices.

Oct 6, 2015 / by Sara Hansard

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Top Tweets – Obamacaritopia: Trouble in Paradise

“Top Democrat Wants #Obamacare For ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS” #JoeWilsonWasRight

#Obamacare premiums skyrocket 16%, 22.4% in Delaware. #WheresMy2500 (make that $7,500 – we’re in the 3rd yr)

Retweet from 24th State:
Obama Promised Healthcare Premiums Would Fall $2,500 Per Family; They Have Climbed $4,865

4th #ACA co-op bites the dust; NY acts to protect consumers from #Obamacare wreckage; taxpayers out $241M

LOL! Insurers to get 13 cents on the dollar in expected risk corridor payments; money not appropriated. #SubsidyRisk

‘Senate Dems introduce legislation to repeal ‘Cadillac Tax” (what other parts of #ACA are they wrong about, hmm?)

The previously uninsured are worse off; subsidies not covering premium and out-of-pocket spikes #ACA has caused

Medicaid expansion causing access problems to specialists; difficult to find cardiologists, orthopedists, etc.

$5.51B in fed $$ for state exchanges. What did we get? Meltdowns, epic disasters, no signups, no oversight.

Spoof video pegs #ACA’s utopian tyranny: ‘with the right forced intervention, everything will work out perfectly.’


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U.K. Mulls Cutting Junior Doctors Below Fast-Food Wage Levels

Comment: Many doctors think they want single-payer. Think again. It will turn you into a government slug when you could be making more money flipping burgers, as this story from the U.K. shows.

“Just this morning, learned that THREE-QUARTERS of the Junior Doctors who graduated just over a year ago from the University of Leeds are planning to emigrate and work abroad – a figure we believe is reflected across the nation.”

[...]  “Junior Doctors do not, contrary to popular belief, get paid a fortune.”

“They leave university saddled with massive student debt, they start work on £22,600[1] for an average 60 hour week, – about the same as a shift manager at McDonalds. Furthermore they are expected to pay for their own specialist training out of their own pocket.”

“During this time these young men and women are not flipping burgers and serving up fries but are forced to face some of the most traumatic scenes it is possible for a human to witness – from the fixing of the wrecked bodies of car crash victims to watching babies die in front of them.”

[...] “Their new contract will … implement a pay cut of 30 per cent. ”

[1] US $34,300 per year, as of this writing

Express Crusade: NHS Junior Doctor Crisis – sign our petition
Fri, Sep 25, 2015

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Top Tweets – Bad Medicine, Bad People

Disgraced contractor CGI charged taxpayers $4M for mistakes co. itself made

O-admin has been allowing #ACA-subsidized insurance to people who were also receiving employer-sponsored plans

Government officials who botched #Obamacare roll-out got bonuses. #LetThemEatCake

Kasich campaign won’t answer questions re claim Ohio Medicaid spending growing < 4% that doesn’t square w/numbers

Maryland Meltdown: Martin O’Malley took campaign donations from co. that won $6.9M exchange contract.

From the folks who brought you #ACA: Dem-led hospital group pays $118M to settle fraud allegations, incl Medicaid

Abysmal CMS oversight led to $5.4B in state exchange grants being largely wasted. #FirstPutYourUnderwearOnStraight

Prospective Iowa Medicaid managed care contractors have 1,500 regulatory complaints, $10.2M in fines in other states

#ACA cheerleading press passes off lower than expected Medicaid spending increases as ‘savings’

How much in unappropriated funds would convince you we have a lawless President – $1B? $10B? The House lawsuit is about $175 billion.

Our most imperfect institution, the federal government, is attempting to root out imperfection in us. (h/t Mark Levin)

Get this – from an ACA supporter who believes his mission in life is to make other people miserable:
We Get Hate Mail – ‘#ACA t/b universal, u r on wrong side of loser issue.’ His profile says he tries to make people miserable. Try again.

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One-third on VA’s Wait List Have Died

Comment: For a sample of how government-run, single-predator Obam-no-care national socialized medicine might pan out on American soil, we need look no further than the Veteran’s Administration.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Inspector General on Wednesday confirmed that more than one-third of the people thought to be seeking eligibility for VA benefits are deceased, and said many of them have been dead for more than four years.”

[...] “In July, reports surfaced that an estimated 239,000 veterans died before they became eligible for benefits, or 28 percent of the nearly 850,000 veterans thought to be seeking these benefits.”

“The OIG’s report said the situation is even worse — it said 307,000 names on the VA’s list of pending enrollees were deceased. That’s 35 percent of the 867,000 people on the list as of last year.”

This is wrong, it’s unacceptable, and it’s an outrage.  Naturally, being government-care, there’s no fixing it, but maybe the VA should consider re-branding itself. The “Obamacare” trade name is already taken, but with luck, perhaps “Obamacarrion” is still available.

Confirmed: One-third of the vets on VA’s waiting list are dead
By Pete Kasperowicz (@PeteKDCNews) • 9/2/15 5:28 PM

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Analyst: Obamacare “Sucks”

Comment: “There’s big trouble in Obamacare land.” Yep.

“But insurance industry consultant and frequent Obamacare critic Robert Laszewski says that forcing people to change plans in order to avoid huge increases is just one problem of many. “This is a debacle. This is a blow-up. This is a mess,” he said. “There’s big trouble in Obamacare land. The biggest carriers are losing their shirts” and thus seeking the biggest rate increases.”

“A fundamental problem, though, says Laszewski, is that too many consumers don’t see the value in the plans available to them and would prefer to simply pay the tax penalty. “The products suck, nobody’s buying them,” he says bluntly. “The reason we’ve got these big increases is because we only have a 40% take-up rate.” He says to succeed plans will need to sign up at least 70% of those eligible.”

HHS pushes states to negotiate lower Obamacare premiums
By Julie Rovner, July 24, 2015

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Judge: Suit on Obamacare’s Lawless, Dishonest Premium Scam may Proceed

Comment: The President, as OCTS has repeatedly reported, is dishonestly and illegally using federal monies to illegally disguise the actual cost of his disastrous program.

“The Constitution, [U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary M.] Collyer wrote, “could not be more clear: ‘No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of Appropriations made by Law.’ Neither the president nor his officers can authorize appropriations; the assent of the House of Representatives is required before any public monies are spent.”

“Republicans had argued the Obama administration violated the Constitution by spending money on Obamacare without Congressional approval. House Democrats had called the Republicans’ suit “a political stunt.” The suit focuses on the $175 billion Obama wants to spend as part of a cost-sharing program with health insurance companies.

Federal Judge Hands Republicans ‘Historic,’ Unexpected Win Over Obama
Jack Davis, September 10, 2015

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The Obamacare Resistance Movement Is Alive (and Growing)

Most Americans Are Opting Out of Obamacare’s Over-Priced Steaming Pile of Mandatory Compliances

OCTS Commentary

Lo, and Nov. 1, 2015, opening the third season of openly mandatory health-enslavement did loom, and the People’s new Masters saw it was good. But the many functionaries, egg-heads, sycophants, and masters-mind were puzzled: The People weren’t signing up. And this was a mystery, because, although none of the Masters had tasted of it themselves, their many wise men and Grubers alike had assured them that this was the best-tasting mass-produced dog-food ever, that it was light, lower-calorie and less-filling, with a minty flavor.

No, instead, 60% of The People who were commanded with nasty IRS mandates to overpay for the Masters’ masterfully over-priced welfare program–to fund the new free-riding built into Gruber’s Delight–didn’t.

Instead, Obamacare found that, to meet its original projections, it would have to DOUBLE its enrollment by 2016. But, alas, enrollment was flat.

Much to its shock, chagrin, and surprise, Obamacarrion discovered the American people are not stupid. The People who got it free signed up, and The People Who Were Supposed to Overpay, opted out. Whoddathunkit?

And, even as the Most Transparent Administration Evah strove to pay insurance companies yet another $175 billion dollars under the table to hide the actual cost of their new delicious pet-food recipe, the Reamium Increases everyone feared continued unabated, and a free, thinking People realized they’d far rather pay Obam-no-care’s puny new Liberty Tax, save themselves a fortune, and stay free.

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