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The failed Oregon exchange has the right to die. We’ll pay for euthanizing it.

The failed Maryland exchange had a duty to die.  It wasn’t sustainable.

CRS memo questions legality of Obama’s unilateral OK’ing of subsidies to off-exchange plans.

Pro-#Obamacare politicians taking money from special interests tied to health insurers.

Insured in name only. NJ docs slam door on #ACA enrollees. Ebony writer suffers 96 rejections.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society says #Obamacare making specialty drugs more expensive “for the sickest patients.”

Class action filed against Nevada exchange for failure to cover enrollees who paid premiums, 10,500 may be affected.

Medicare Advantage cuts nixed after Dems, worried about elections, complain.

Medicaid take-up only 10% of Administration boasts.

Judicial Watch Sues Treasury for Records about Unlawful, Unilateral Delay of “Employer Mandate”

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Belgium: Legislation to Lift All Age Restrictions for Euthanizing Children

Comment: Do you really think that 5-year olds who have not even reached the age of reason can make good decisions, or will be able to withstand pressure from doctors and nurses who want to kill them? And if you’re not aware that euthanasia is now a preoccupation of Belgian health workers, read the final paragraphs of this post.  Euthanasia is spiraling out of control there. If this is what Europeans mean by being ‘more civilized’, you can keep your ‘civilization’ on your side of the pond.

“The Belgian Senate voted today 50-17 to extend euthanasia to children with disabilities, in a move pro-life advocates worldwide had been fearing would come and expand an already much-abused euthanasia law even further.”


“The vote today in the full Senate comes after a Senate committee voted 13-4 to allow minors to seek euthanasia under certain conditions…No age limit would be set, but the children who are euthanized would have “to possess the capacity of discernment.””

“…While euthanasia is legal in a handful of countries in Europe, Belgium is the first country in the world to lift all age restrictions on the practice.  In 2012, Belgium recorded 1,432 cases of euthanasia – a 25% increase from 2011.”


““Currently the Belgian euthanasia law limits euthanasia to people who are at least 18 years old. This unprecedented bill would extend euthanasia to children with disabilities,” says Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. “The Belgian Socialist government is adamant that the euthanasia law needs to extend to minors and people with dementia even though there is significant examples of how the current law is being abused and the bracket creep of acceptable reasons for euthanasia continues to grow. The current practice of euthanasia in Belgium appears to have become an easy way to cover-up medical errors.””


“There is enormous concern about abuses under the expanded euthanasia law.”

“Research conducted by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) in 2010 found that 32% of euthanasia deaths in the Flanders region of Belgium occurred without an explicit request.”

“…Recent studies [in Belgium] indicate that up to 47% of all assisted deaths are not being reported32% of all assisted deaths are being done without request and nurses are killing their patients, even though the law restricts euthanasia to doctors.”


“Dr Wim Distelmans, who is the leading euthanasia doctor in Belgium has also been the chairman of the Belgium euthanasia commission for more than 10 years, and the commission has been stacked with supporters of the euthanasia lobby.”


Belgium: Senate Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children
by Steven Ertelt

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REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES: Turning Our Backs On Our Patients

By a practicing General Surgeon in the U.S.

 The Inanity of Electronic Health Records

I wasn’t one of those who wanted to become a physician from a young age. But when later in life my career path led me to the field of medicine, the image I had in mind resembled Sir Luke Fildes’ “The Doctor”. The painting depicts a physician facing his dying patient, a very ill child. 

But if you’ve gotten a checkup lately, you’re probably seeing a different side of your doctor. Touted as a way to improve quality, safety and efficiency, the electronic health record (EHR) is none of those. Rather, it has forced doctors to spend less time facing the patient and more time staring at a computer screen, with their back to the patient as meaningless information gets typed into cold hardware.

 The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, passed in 2009, promised Medicare and Medicaid payment incentives to physicians adopting the new technology. Beginning in 2015 however, those who do not adopt EHRs will be penalized, essentially mandating their use as physicians already struggle with progressively reduced reimbursement. Hospitals and private practice providers who participate in Medicare/Medicaid have slowly adopted the new technology and are now seeing its unintended consequences.

 Before the era of third-party payers, the ‘old-fashioned’ paper chart was the way doctors painted their patient’s story. It was an insight into the thoughts, decisions and difficulties the doctor encountered in figuring out a diagnosis, planning treatment or managing complications. It was a daily log of the patient’s progress through their disease. The most memorable and most effective chart notes I remember from my training were those that my attending physician wrote in a sort of prose, where I was able to see the patient in my mind’s eye as I was reading. The paper chart retained the uniqueness of the patient.

 While the EHR is chock-full of information, very little of it actually carries meaning to the physician and patient. For the physician or consultant trying to sift through the mandated, pre-determined data fields to gain insight into the patient, it is virtually useless as patients become indistinguishable. The patient’s story is lost in the cold, hard data rather than warm, colorful prose. Unfortunately, the doctor and patient have been driven further apart in the name of compliance. Rather than focusing on the patient, today’s doctors are forced to focus on the third-party payer through the flat artificial screen while turning their backs on the ones who they truly want to help.

[For the connection between EHRs and Obamacare, see Really? Obamacare Asks About Your Sex Life?]

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Top Ten Tweets of the Week

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Tibetan proverb sums up #Obamacare: Beware of honey offered on a sharp knife.

46M, 46M, 46M uninsured. That’s all we heard. So where are they? Stayed away in droves. Mr. Obama, we don’t want your candy.

With #Obamacare, Dems own entire healthcare system and everything that goes wrong with it.

Dems admit fault by proposing rules to constrain narrow networks, but costs will rise.

Premium hikes will outstrip subsidy increases.

Convicted international terrorist hired as navigator in Illinois.  Legislator calls for oversight, audit of 1,200-employee $36M program.

Exchange workers can’t answer simple questions.

“Waiting in line to purchase necessities is a characteristic … of command economies under repressive regimes.”

HHS Mandate chemicals carry risk of heart attack, stroke, bleeding, inflammation, miscarriage, cancer – some fatal.

Federal Register filing shows HHS mandate is about “gender equity” and radical feminism, not birth control or healthcare

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U.K. Single-Payer Nightmare: Desperate Man Amputates Own Hand

Comment: 16 years of inhuman suffering, ignored by his country’s system, drove this man to desperate measures. Equally tragic, even his desperate measures didn’t bring him relief.  Is this what you want America?

“A man tried to end years of pain from an old road accident by chopping off his own hand – with a homemade guillotine.”

“Desperate Mark Goddard, 44, says he performed the gruesome DIY operation when doctors refused to amputate the limb.”

Newton Abbot man chopped off his hand with homemade guillotine to ‘reduce pain’

Western Morning News | Posted: March 28, 2014

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Fetal Remains Incinerated With the Trash in UK Hospitals

“British health officials are responding to a news program’s report that accuses some hospitals of incinerating aborted and miscarried fetuses, in some cases as part of a system for heating the facilities….”

“…10 National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts have admitted burning the remains as “clinical waste” alongside trash, while two other facilities disposed of the remains in incinerators that generate power for heating…”
“Reports said that in the past two years alone, at least 15,500 fetal remains were incinerated by 27 NHS trusts…”


“…Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk, was said to have incinerated more than 1,100 fetal remains between 2011 and 2013 in a “waste to energy” plant operated by a private contractor….”


“Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge was also cited for incinerating 797 fetuses at its “waste to energy” plant.”

“Health minister Dr. Dan Poulter told the BBC the practice was “totally unacceptable.””
“”That is why I have asked Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS medical director, to write to all NHS hospital trusts, to make it clear that it must stop now,” he said.”

UK Hospitals Accused of Incinerating Aborted Fetuses Alongside Trash
March 25, 2014

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Goodwin: Ukraine Invasion is Obamacare Economy’s Chickens Coming Home

Comment: As America lays ill with Obamacare sapping her will and economy, her enemies? Emboldened.

“Today’s quiz: What do Vladimir Putin’s aggression and ObamaCare’s troubles have in common? OK, that was too easy.”

“It is impossible to dismiss as mere coincidence the Russian Bear’s invasion of Ukraine and the continuing mayhem of the Affordable Care Act. In their own ways, each reflects the full flowering of the policies of Barack Obama.”

Chickens come home to roost for Obama
By Michael Goodwin
March 30, 2014

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Obamacare Signups: Eighty Percent Moochers

Comment: Obamacare divides America into moochers and losers. Subsidies are for moochers. If you’re not getting one you’re a loser, paying for those who aren’t.

Question: if it’s “affordable,” why do eighty percent need subsidies?

“Monday is the deadline to sign up for private health insurance in the new online markets created by President Barack Obama’s health care law. So far, about 4 of every 5 people enrolling have qualified for tax credits to reduce the cost of their premiums.” (emphasis added)

Monday is the deadline to sign up for health law
Associated Press
March 31, 2014

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Top 10 Tweets of the Week

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Ya think Obama’s ‘keep your plan’ lie was politically motivated to help in elections? Nah, a YouTube video made him do it.

Finally, somebody said it: Sen. Rand Paul says Obama’s unilateral changes UNCONSTUTIONAL and BREACHES RULE OF LAW

Off a cliff – public support for #Obamacare plunges to 26%, new low.

WaPo reporter loses plan, getssticker shock, told to wait 3 wks to see doc, gets run-around, envies his dog w/better coverage

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Costs: out-of-network charges, 20% co-pays for docs and generics.

High point of Hobby Lobby rally for OCTS: young person read our sign “Religious Liberty is Foundational” & said “That’s right.”

American Action Forum report finds #ACA’s regulatory burdens twice as great as benefits (paperwork, unfunded state mandates, regs)

Pew poll: Hispanic support for #Obamacare has cratered from 60-plus percent in September 2013 to 47%.

Illusion: teaser low premiums. Reality: skyrocketing drug prices w/50% co-pays. Cancer, M.S., arthritis sufferers pounded.

Drudge opts-out, pays self-employment quarterly installment of individual mandate penalty, calls it “liberty tax”.

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Employers: Penalty 18x Higher for Offering ‘Unapproved’ Than No Insurance

Comment: They WANT your employer to drop you.

“If your employer offers you insurance that doesn’t provide free ella, or anything else on the list of “preventive services”—as defined by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and ultimately by Obama—then it’s subject to a fine of $36,500 a year.  But if your employer doesn’t offer you insurance at all, it’s subject to a fine of $2,000 a year.”

[...] “As those who have been following the Hobby Lobby case—argued before the Supreme Court on Tuesday—know, under Obamacare, the “wrong” kind of insurance includes policies that don’t provide “free” coverage of, among other things, the abortion drug ella, contraception, and sterilization (but only sterilization for women).  (Coverage of cancer or heart disease—apparently being less essential—need not be “free.”) ”

Mar 26, 2014
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